High Quality serigraphia printing options

One of the brand new types of artwork in the West, Serigrafia (screen printing, silkscreen, or serigraphy – from sericum, Latin for silk) is a twentieth-century intaglio printmaking technique derived from traditional stenciling, itself among the earliest kinds of graphic art copying. It includes placing a mesh screen, that will be stretched tightly over a wooden framework, above a piece of paper. Color is forced through the screen having a rubber blade. The screen is silk the name silkscreen printing. Nevertheless, because nylon, cotton, or alloy may be usable, the term is screenprinting. Some expert designers choose using the expression serigraphy to differentiate between artistic screen-printing and that of commercial printing.

The silk screen for Serigrafia with the application of Mylar and highintensity light is prepared to print. Until the serigraph is intact, each tier of color is applied in layers. Nevertheless, every coat of ink or paint has to be allowed to wash entirely before creating the layer. A maximum of two layers of color could be coatable each day. Nearly every 15 colors, the printmakers will send a proof to the artist before continuing with all the printing procedure to approve. The result is.


In Europe, the stenciling procedure was embraced by craftsmen for mostly pragmatic purposes. Stencils were used to bring color to credit cards and religious images printed with wood blocks. By the 17th century, the new procedure has been used to publish wallpapers. And by the late 18th century printing had made its way into the New World. It was not until the early 20th century that screen printing has been launched to be in use. As a result of new technologies Serigrafia, like the hottest automatic media has become productive and a whole lot more comfortable. New methods of printing, such as color printing and inks, are available after such advances. To obtain additional information on serigrafia kindly visit www.indecoserigrafia.it/.

Now, people’s tastes in Serigrafia are refined and more advanced. They prefer garments that are to the touch using a weatherproof look and texture. It is thought more versatile than conventional printing methods.

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